About the conference

On the first of April 2013, a new history of cataloging rules will be started. Resources Description and Access (RDA) will be applied officially by major libraries in America and Europe; RDA will be applied after a period of experimental work. RDA was launched after cooperative efforts of major organizations in the global library community.

This conference aiming at leading the Arab library community to involve in the new history of cataloging. The conference will discuss very important issues related to RDA and challenges that face the Arab library community. Translation issues of RDA will be deeply discussed. The conference will also discover the changes between AACR2 and RDA on bibliographic records and authority files.


Main topics

1.    The theory and philosophy of RDA.

2.    Translation issues, and challenges of application in Arab libraries.

3.    RDA for descriptive cataloging.

4.    Authorities files in RDA.

RDA Conference

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