Projects' proposals

Herein the results of the project, nine proposals of core projects in cataloguing.

First Project: "Arabisation and Propagation of the RDA Standard”

Teamwork: Ms. Rania Osman, and Dr. Mahmoud Khalifa

Second Project: “National cataloguing policy”

Prepared by: Dr. Mostafa Hossam El Din

Third Project:"Egyptian Cloud Catalogue”

Prepared by: Professor Khaled Abd El Fattah

Fourth Project:“The National Authority File for Names”

Teamwork: Ms. Shadia El Hanafi, Dr. Laila Samea, and Mr. Ayman El Masry

Fifth Project: “Cataloguing and Metadata Curriculum”

Teamwork: Professor Mohammed Fathi Abdel Hadi, Dr. Sahar Rabei, and Dr. Dina Mohammed Fathi Abdel Hadi

Sixth Project: “National Training Program on RDA”

Teamwork: Dr. Mahmoud Khalifa, and Ms. Amina Adel

Seventh Project: "Union Catalogue for Public Libraries in Egypt”

Teamwork: Dr. Salah Hegazi, Mr. Ahmed Aman, and Ms. Heba Ismail

Eighth Project: “Union Catalogue of School Libraries in Egypt”

Teamwork: Mr. Mostafa Ganbah, Mr. Mahmoud Abu El Fadl El Dewi

Ninth Project:“Functional and Technical Specifications of Automated Systems”

Teamwork: Dr. Hisham Makki, and Mr. Ayman El Masry



Future of cataloguing

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