Conference themes


1.   Effect of smart phone on theories of information seeking behavior.

  • Information awareness and smart phones.
  • The new models of access to information in smart phones environment.
  • Patrons’ behaviors in search and access to information within smart phones.

2.   The effects of smart phones on society regarding social, economic, and psychological aspects.

  • Social effects resulted by spreading of smart phones usage.
  • Economic aspects related to smart phones.
  • Psychological effects of usage of smart phones.
  • Usage of smart phones by specific categories: children, youth, adults, and old people.

3.   Implementing smart phones applications in libraries, information institutions and archives.

  • Types of applications applied in libraries.
  • Implementation of smart phones applications in libraries, archives and information institutions.
  • Usage of mobile applications in library services.
  • Reference service and current awareness service via mobile applications.
  • Access to OPACs via smart phones.
  • Marketing of library and information services.
  • Benefits of smart phones applications to library patrons.

4.   Benefits of smart phone applications in scientific fields

  • Education, training and professional development.
  • Culture and electronic publishing of books and journals.
  • Scientific community and communications between scholars.
  • Marketing, advertisement, and promotion.
  • Implementation in other fields.

5.   Technical aspects and programming of smart phones applications

  • Programming languages of smart phones applications.
  • Applications stores (Google, Windows, Apple)
  • Applications platforms (Android, Window, IOS)


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