Future of cataloguing

The future of cataloguing is a research project conducted by The Arabic Portal for Librarianship and Information (known as Cybrarians). The story started when Cybrarians organized a seminar entitled “The Future of Cataloguing in Egypt”, it was held on the 5th of March 2016, at MISR Public Library. It was delivered by Dr. Mostafa Hossam El Din, Associate Professor of the Librarianship Department, Cairo University, and chaired by Professor Hisham Fathi.The seminar discussed the challenges facing libraries in Egypt in the field of cataloguing in particular and bibliographic control in general, with regards to the revolution that has taken place in this field. 

The seminar was highly attended by a large number of library and information science community and affiliates, who enriched the discussions that ensued from the seminar sessions. An action plan was needed, and the Arabic Portal for Librarianship and Information has recommended organizing another second session of this seminar.

On the 21st of May 2016, at Misr Public Library, the Arabic Portal for Librarianship and Information launched this second session of the seminar, with the participation of various representatives of the library and information science community in Egypt in order to come up with a shared action plan. Participating representatives were from major libraries such as the national library, big research libraries, academic departments, public libraries, university libraries, school libraries, as well as the Egyptian Library Association and other libraries that have implemented the new international cataloguing standard.Representatives from each of these parties have put forward a clear vision for an action plan that would tackle all issues, aspects, and problems related to the future of cataloguing in Egypt.

Seminar Speakers:

▫ Professor Mohammed Fathi Abdel Hadi, Librarianship Professor, Cairo University

▫ Professor Raouf Helal, Director of the Egyptian National Library

▫ Professor Khaled Abd El Fattah, Head of the Egyptian Universities Libraries Consortium

▫ Professor Amany Gamal Megahed, Head of the Egyptian Library Association

Mr. Ahmed Aman, Deputy Director of MISR Public Library

Mr. Mostafa Ganbah, in charge of the union catalogue of school libraries in Egypt

Dr. Salah Hegazi, Chairman of the Egyptian Library Association committee for libraries of private universities

Dr. Hisham Fathi Makki, Deputy Head of the Computer Department, Library of Congress Office, Cairo, Egypt

Ms. Rania Osman, Head of Libraries of the Future Section, Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Ms. Shadia El Hanafi, Head of Authority Control Section, the American University in Cairo Library

Ms. Heba Ismail, Technical Director of Egypt’s Society for Culture & Development (ESCD)

The seminar was concluded with a statement entitled "The Future of Cataloguing in Egypt, and in terms of implementation of this statement, a voluntary team was formed, then three meetings were held in the period between 4th of June 2016 until 3rd of November 2016. The result of this work was the document entitled "The future of cataloguing in Egypt: an action plan" 

The document launched officially on the 18th of November 2017 in Misr Public Library, Cairo Egypt. The document issued in both electronic and printed formats. The main language is Arabic, but the English translation was provided by Libraries of the Future Section at Bibliotheca Alexandrina. 


Future of cataloguing

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