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Cybrarians: the Arabic Portal for Librarianship and Information is non-profit organization established in 2002 and located in Cairo, Egypt. Cybrarians offers free services for libraries and librarians in Egypt and Arab countries. The organization aims at development of librarianship community.



  • Development of librarianship community in Egypt and Arab countries.
  • Spreading technology usage in libraries.
  • Introducing free services for libraries and librarians.
  • Professional development for librarians and information specialists.
  • Introducing support and consultations for libraries and information entities.
  • Creation and development of bibliographic tools.
  • Accessing information about the reality of librarianship community in Egypt and Arab countries.
  • Enrichment of Arabic digital content.
  • Acting the role of mass media in librarianship community.


Cybrarians organization started with individual efforts in April 2002 by launching a web directory of libraries and information science web sites. It was in English, then translated into Arabic.

In 2003, the web site converted from web directory to portal. A new teamwork was formed; the content of the portal was completely reformed and enriched. It contained factual information about librarianship community in Egypt.

In 2004; Cybrarians started to compose its services to academic community. At this year “Cybrarians Journal” has been launched as the first electronic refereed journal in librarianship published in the Arab countries, the journal made great achievements up to now, it has been indexed in DOAJ, WorldCat, and EBSCO. In the same year, a bibliographic database for Arabic journal articles has been launched, the database indexes the contents of 7 journals published in Egypt and Arab countries, then increased to 11 journals in 2010. In 2006; the database added theses and conference papers to its indexed items, so it became the most important bibliographic tool for librarians in addition to its free access.

After 6 years of serious work in library community, Cybrarians started to participate in the human development of librarians. As we have great credit of trust, we started our training programs in 2008.

In September 2011, Cybrarians became a non-profit organization according to Egyptian law.

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